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Dry Cargo Short Sea Chartering Shipbrokers

Protecting Ship Agents in the
Port of Varna

Consultant for Maritime Shipping Investments


We are doing our business in Shipping Industry and trade as Chartering Ship Brokers, Protecting Ship Agents in Port of Varna and Shipping Investment Consultants.

Our main activity is dry cargo ship chartering. As ship brokers we serve to Traders by organizing the transportation of their goods by sea in following sectors:
- Short sea transport services between the ports of Azov sea, Black sea, Mediterranean sea, North sea, Baltic sea, also to/from  west European and Persian gulf ports for bulk, break bulk and project cargoes in size between 500 - 15000 MT.
- Danube river transport services including European inland waters up to Main and Rhine rivers.
- Conventional liner services for general and project cargoes.
- Worldwide ocean transport services for bulk cargoes in size up to handy size vessels.



Shipping is our Art