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Dry Cargo Short Sea Chartering Shipbrokers

Protecting Ship Agents in the
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Consultant for Maritime Shipping Investments


The activities of DELTA Shipping Services Ltd are in the field of maritime transport. The company renders services related to the commercial and technical operation of sea-going merchant ships. The main activity of the company is mediation in the hire of the dry sea and river vessels for the transport of goods.

As shipping brokers, we serve traders and organize the transportation of their goods in the following sectors:
- coastal transportation of goods between the ports of the Sea of ​​Azov, the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, also from/to the ports of Western Europe and the Persian Gulf, for bulk and bulk cargo, also factory equipment in batches between 500 -15000 MT;
- river transportation on the Danube, including the inland waterways of Europe and on the rivers Main and Rhine;
- combined regular transport of large loads and factory equipment;
- maritime transport between ports around the world, for bulk cargo with quantities up to 40,000 MT.

The company renders ISM Code Management for dry cargo merchants ships with a carrying capacity between 2000 - 8000 MT deadweight. As agents of shipowners, we mediate for the recruitment of Bulgarian and Ukrainian seafarers, for the crews of merchant ships.

Shipping is our Art